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President and VPs are elected yearly; elections are held every semester for director positions. Officers and Initiatives Committee positions are encouraged to change every semester so that board members gain exposure to all facets of the board.



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Casey Wood | President

Casey is a third year Industrial Engineering student from Orlando, Florida. She has studied abroad in Limerick, Ireland and has completed two internships with Universal Orlando. As Director of Career Fairs she organized the Fall 2018 career fair in McCamish Pavilion, which hosted over 80 companies and 700 students, making it one of the biggest student-run career fairs on campus. Today, Casey is excited to serve as the 2019 IISE President and hopes to continue to provide students with a wide range of professional events, workshops, and social opportunities to enhance their Industrial Engineering college experience. Outside of IISE she is also involved in RUF and is a Health Analytics research assistant at the Institute of People and Technology. In her free time, Casey enjoys cooking, seeing shows at the Fox, escaping escape rooms, and eating foods with exorbitant amounts of cheese on them.


Nithya Koganti | Vice President of Student Development

Nithya Koganti is a third year Industrial Engineering student from Los Altos, California. Nithya has co-oped with Cisco in their Supply Chain Department and will be interning at Amazon this summer. She has studied abroad at Georgia Tech’s campus in Metz, France and also through Georgia Tech’s Oxford Program. Nithya joined IISE during her freshman year as the Social Media Officer and moved on to becoming the Director of Marketing, making sure that students were updated on IISE workshops, info sessions, and other events through various marketing campaigns. Currently, as the VP of Student Development, Nithya organizes workshops aiming to further develop students’ skills in programming, data visualization, and more. She also arranges the Lean and Six Sigma Certifications for students. Outside of IISE, Nithya is involved with Women’s Recruitment Team and is an Undergraduate TA and an Education Abroad Peer Advisor.


Felipe Galarza | Vice President of Finance & Operations

Felipe is a fourth year Industrial Engineering student with a concentration in supply chain from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has been with the IISE board for almost two years now, and has recently assumed the role of VP of Finance & Operations. In the past, he has been involved as a community development officer as well as the corporate relations chair for the IISE Regional Conference.

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Ria Thakkar | Vice President of Professional Planning

Ria Thakkar is a second year Industrial Engineering student from Marietta, Georgia. Along with many other members on the board, Ria has studied abroad in Metz, France. She is looking forward to her internship with General Electric in Greenville, South Carolina this summer. Ria joined the IISE Exec Board as a first year on the professional planning team as an Information Session Officer. Currently, as Vice President of Professional Planning, Ria organizes the Fall and Spring Career Fair, coordinates information sessions, and plans for Career Fair Prep Week. In addition to IISE, Ria serves as President of the Undergraduate Consulting Club and was elected as a sophomore representative to the Student Government Association. 


Melody Shellman | Director of Information Sessions

Melody is a second year from Aurora, Colorado. Last Spring, she joined IISE and helped plan the 2018 IISE Spring Picnic as a social events officer. She now serves as the Director of Information Sessions and hopes to continue to provide awesome networking opportunities for talented Georgia Tech ISyE students. Outside of IISE, Melody is a co-op with Logistics Management Institute in Virginia and and choreographs for Dance Company at Georgia Tech.

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Niveda Shanmugam | Director of Internal & External Affairs

Niveda is a second year Industrial Engineering student on the pre-health track and is from Alpharetta, GA. She has traveled to and performed in Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia, and is interning at Procter and Gamble as a Strategy and Operations Manager this summer. Niveda also served as the Cultural Diversity and Affairs Committee Chair on SGA, is in GT Ambassadors and Grand Challenges, does healthcare research at Emory and CHOA, and was Initiatives Officer through IISE last year. This year, she is excited to serve as the Director of Internal and External Affairs and bring IISE to new goals within Tech and around Atlanta. Some of the major goals for IISE this year include an “IE at GT day” with outreach to high school students, community service projects with partners around Atlanta, and a podcast to feature old alumni and highlight different IE achievements within Tech! Niveda also performs on a competitive classical dance team known as GT Pulse and enjoys cooking, painting, theatre, and photography in her free time.


Bhargava Samanthula | Director of Technology

Bhargava is a third year Industrial Engineering student (minoring in Computer Science) from Columbus, Ohio. He initially joined IISE as the Historian during his freshman year, where he took care of internal operations for the Georgia Tech chapter. Now he is serving as the Director of Technology, which includes maintaining the IISE GT Chapter's website. Bhargava interned at GTRI as a Machine Learning Intern during Summer 2017, and at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as a Technology Analyst Intern during Summer 2018; his interests primarily lie in the fields of financial technology and engineering. Outside of IISE, Bhargava is also a Teaching Assistant in the College of Computing as well as a Business Analyst for CYC (Consult Your Community).  In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing basketball and snowboarding.


Veronica Yakubovich | Director of Career Fair

Veronica is a second year Industrial Engineering student concentrating in Economic and Financial Systems. She is currently the Director of Career Fairs and helped organize the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 Career Fairs. In the future, she wants to make both events larger and recruit more students and companies to attend. She hopes to become an actuary in the future. She enjoys watching sci-fi, action, and fantasy movies, eating yogurt, and drinking tea.


Swapnil Lad | Director of Marketing

Swapnil is a second year Industrial Engineering student with a minor in Computer Science. He joined IISE his freshman year as a Technology Officer. His main focus was photography, video production, and content creation for IISE which has also carried over to his current role. He is now serving as the Director of Marketing and leads the marketing team. Swapnil has interned in the past at LG Electronics working as a Distribution Analyst. He will be traveling to Spain this summer for a short study abroad and interning at Deloitte when he returns. Outside of the classroom he is involved with CYC (Consult Your Community), Photography Club, and also runs a YouTube Channel. 


Kris Clark | Director of Operations

Kris is a 4th-year ISyE student with a concentration in Supply Chain Engineering.  He is currently the Director of Operations for the IISE Executive Board, but he has formerly served as Finance Officer for the 2018 IISE Regional Conference at GT and Social Events Officer for the 2018 IISE Executive Board.  He hopes to make a career out of his gifts in analytics and project management, and he has already gotten internship experience from the Global Strategy team at The Coca-Cola Company!


Danielle Gresge | Executive Board Alumni Advisor

Danielle is a fourth year industrial engineering student at Georgia Tech with a concentration in Economic and Financial Systems from Chicago, Illinois. She served as Tours & Conferences officer for a year and coordinated Georgia Tech’s attendance of the IISE Regional Conference at the University of Florida. This experience led her to become a director of the IISE Regional Conference in 2018 at Georgia Tech. She now serves as the Executive Board Alumni Advisor & Secretary and plans to cater to students’ preferences to put on workshops to further develop skills in programming, data visualization, and more. She will also arrange the Lean and Six Sigma Certifications for students. Outside of IISE, Danielle is a Co-Op student at Delta Airlines and a Georgia Tech Tour Guide.