Employers, get the chance for an exclusive Information Session with H. Milton's School of Industrial and Systems Engineering's students, ranked #1 in the nation for 25 consecutive years.


Information Session Package


Cost of $500 includes:

  • Room Reservation

  • Custodial Fees 

  • Technology Fees

Cost of $700 includes:

  • Room Reservation

  • Custodial Fees 

  • Technology Fees

  • Dinner for students and representatives




Please fill out the application that can be accessed by the below button. with your top two date choices to conduct an information session. The application does no guarentee the date. The information session are based on first-come first served basis. An email confirmation will be sent upon review with information on payment and logistics. 



  1. All information sessions will be held from 6PM-8PM in the months of September-November and January-April. Please contact an officer with any time conflicts.

  2. Information Sessions will only be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

  3. Applications must be submitted at least two weeks in advance.

  4. Please choose a date that doesn't conflict with another info session in the calendar (on the home page).



Contact Information

Melody Shellman

Director of Information Sessions | mshellman3@gatech.edu

Ria Thakkar

Vice President of Professional Planning | iiegeorgiatech@gmail.com